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In 2012 the Ontario Lotteries and Gambling Corporation took their activities online to meet the needs of millions of Ontario gamers who wanted to enjoy the fun and excitement of playing the Ontario lottery while engaging in lottery and other gambling pursuits from the comfort of their own home. Over the years the OLG online casino has expanded tremendously, providing Ontario residents and visitors with a wide variety of game activities that they can access any time and from any location on their laptop or desktop PC.


The OLG Canada was established in 2000. It is a Crown Corporation which has its own Board of Directors, but operates under the auspices of the Ontario Ministry of Finance. OLG is responsible for the Juega con responsabilidad. Lea las terminos de uso aquí province’s commercial casino activities, horse-racing track slot machines rooms, charity lotteries, bingo halls, Aboriginal casinos, OLG lottery and the PlayOLG online casino games site. In addition to monitoring and regulating these activities, OLG is also responsible for ensuring that a portion of the province’s gambling revenues are returned to the province by way of charities and non-profit organizations. Towards this end OLG holds yearly open meetings throughout the province to accept requests and recommendations for recipients of these funds.

OLG Goes Online

In 2012 OLG made the decision to take its lottery products online. At first, the OLG online website was limited to the purchase of lottery products including the OLG Lotto Max, the National Lotto 6/49 and the Ontario 649, and the option to check OLG winning numbers after each draw. The immediate interest in the PlayOLG site convinced OLG’s Board of governors that Ontarians were interested in expanding their online gaming options. Residents and visitors of the province continued to play the lottery and visit the 24 Ontario brick-and-mortar gaming sites, but more and more players were demanding that OLG facilitate access to their gambling entertainment by way of a more leisurely and convenient environment.

Today, Ontario gamblers can sign into their personal casino account and play OLG table games, card games, online slots, arcade games and other forms of Instant Casino amusement on their PC’s Internet browser.

As of yet there is no OLG mobile site but the concept of a mobile OLG casino is being discussed.

OLG Games

OLG offers online gamers a wide choice of any of their favourite games. Table game enthusiasts have their choice of traditional table game options including classic baccarat, classic blackjack and classic roulette. For poker aficionados the poker room features multiple OLG poker choices including Classic Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Triple-Play Poker, Five-Play Poker and Three-Card Fast Poker.

The OLG online slots room is a casino highlight, featuring hundreds of three-reel classic slots and five-reel video slot machines. The OLG slots involve interactive themes so each gamer has the chance to identify games that fit his personal interests and fantasies. Some of the most popular OLG slots include the wilderness-themed Siberian Storm and Sumatran Storm slots, two enthralling Egyptian-themed slot machines of Cleopatra and Pharaoh’s Fortune, the vibrant Cats musical slot machine, the intriguing Mayan Treasures slots, the whimsical Ghostbusters slot and slot machines with humorous storylines including Kitty Glitter, Cash Coaster, 100 Ladies, Cash Wave, Natural Powers and Firehouse Hounds.

Some of the OLG slots award progressive jackpot prizes. To play a progressive game you add a small additional deposit to your regular game wager. This progressive wager links your slot machine with thousands of other devices of players from around the world who are also participating in the progressive jackpot. You all play the game as a regular online slots but in the corner, the progressive jackpot meter continues to increase. At some point, one player will activate the spin which triggers the prize. That player wins the entire progressive jackpot amount — progressive jackpot prizes can reach millions of dollars. When the prize is won, the jackpot begins to build again towards the next prize.

OLG Promotions

When you sign into the OLG site as a new player you receive an immediate$10 in free casino cash. To collect your New Player cash bonus, set your deposit limit and enter the “10free” code in the “Enter Promotion” field. You’ll have $10 added to your account which you can use on any of your preferred casino games.

The second part of the Welcome Bonus involves a 200% match bonus up to $400 on your first deposit. When you make your first casino deposit, enter the promo code “get200” and your bonus funds will be credited to your account. On your second deposit you’ll receive 150% in match bonus credits up to $300. To access your third casino bonus, enter the promo code “get150” on your second deposit.

SweeTEN the Pot Bonus Funds and Green n’ Meet bonus funds are available to all players, once they set their weekly deposit limit. In addition PlayOLG gives away thousands of dollars in casino cash every month in birthday funds and monthly promotions.


It’s quick and easy to sign up for an OLG account but you must be physically present in Ontario to create an account and you must be physically present in the province to play. That means that, even if you have an account you won’t be able to access your account if you’re not in Ontario at the time that you want to play.

If you are in Ontario you can open a new account by submitting your name and email address to the casino. The casino will request your Ontario address and a phone number to confirm the account. Once you’ve completed the confirmation process through your email you can start to play immediately.

You have two gaming options at PlayOLG – the Free Mode where you can play any of the casino games for free and the Real Mode where you can gamble for real money. If you plan to play for real money you’ll need to link your casino account to your banking account. OLG supports four types of Internet banking – MasterCard, Visa Credit, Visa Debit and, for some Ontario players, the INTERAC digital bank.

The OLG Online Casino is a safe and secure online gambling venue for Ontario players.

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