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Slots Of Vegas Online Casino Bonus Codes


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New in-store options: Get into the game with single-event wagering, instant payouts, competitive odds and more—this is PROLINE with more new options.

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Charitable Centre Games


New in-store sports betting options. Learn More

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ONLINE GAMING AT OLG is OLG’s online gaming site where you can play most casino and lottery games anywhere, at anytime. It also happens to be the safest bet for Ontarians looking for online entertainment.


Here’s why some Ontarians prefer playing at versus a physical casino.

Learn to play in a relaxed environment

For new players, playing lottery and casino games from a comfortable environment becomes a great way to learn and practice game play in an unintimidating setting.

Build Confidence

Build your play confidence by using the play demo options to learn the ins and outs of various games before you make a trip to the casino, or play online with real funds.

Play with reassurance

OLG is committed to keeping your personal information confidential. You can play with confidence knowing that your account details and play history are protected by some of the most advanced safeguards in the industry.

Playing Smart

PlaySmart and OLG are dedicated to online casino both educating and entertaining players. It’s important to have fun but it’s just as important to understand the games you play. With prominent information on odds, strategies and etiquette, new players can play smart right from the start.

My PlaySmart

My PlaySmart tools help you to manage your play online and make choices about your game play that are right for you. You can set your budget limits, play breaks and view your play profile to help you keep ahead of the game. Tip

Be sure to review your play history to stay on top of your play pattern.

24/7 Player Support

OLG offers 24/7 support to make sure all your questions are answered. You can contact them through phone, Live Chat or email.

Play for Ontario

OLG is run by Ontarians for Ontarians. All of the net revenue generated stays in Ontario and goes towards supporting the Province and local communities.

Which games best suit your play style? One way to find out is to try a few different games. You can also take this fun and easy quiz.


Get more information about the wide variety of online games available on the OLG website.


Gambling is supposed to be fun.

If it’s not, ConnexOntario can help.


Keep the fun in the game with PlaySmart – your gambling encyclopedia. ABOUT PLAYSMART

The Social Hub is a great place to follow the fun and learn more. SOCIAL HUB

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This website is for the use of adults in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to participate in lottery, charitable gaming and in-store sports betting, in Ontario. Individuals must be 19 years of age or older to visit casinos and slot facilities in Ontario, and to participate in online casino gaming and online sports betting, in Ontario.

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